Congrats Ana Lanuza, Our Bulldog Realtor of the Year 2016!

Bulldog of the Year

Ana Lanuza, Bulldog of the Year

Shout out to Ana Lanuza, our 2016 “Bulldog of the Year” and recipient of a brand new BMW! Ana loves being an agent because there are no limits to what she can reach—earlier this year she created a board filled with personal and professional goals, all of which she was able to accomplish. Congrats again, Ana!

Q&A with Ana Lanuza

How long have you been with Bulldog? I started with Bulldog January 2014.

Where did you grow up? Grew up in Koreatown. Moved to Venice in 2003 then Mar Vista in 2012. Was an inner city kid and bussed to Paul Revere Jr. High and Palisades High School.

What’s your favorite part about being an agent? Freedom to have my own hours and make my own pay check. There is no limits to what I can reach. Every year I seem to make more. I hit a rough patch when I switched from bank repos to regular market. Once I adjusted and found my rhythm again I was able to accomplish my goals.

What do you look forward to in 2017? 2017 is about personal goals and also I want to get listings. I have been a buyers agent for 11 years. 2017 is all about getting listings. I plan to door knock, cold call, and send mailers regardless if its raining (it’s LA…never rains), or I have a cold.

Any other fun facts? I really wanted that car. Last year I posted on my social media it was going to be my turn. I bought myself a goal board and wrote all my goals. What I wanted to make for the year and also put in some personal goals. I can honestly say that everything in my board came true. Crazyyyy right!!

I also love to cook for friends and family. I have a huge Latin family and this year I hosted my first Lanuza family Christmas party. I have a dog named Zephyr. Love to travel. Have been to 50 cities and 17 countries. Love art and food. That’s pretty much it!


By: Otis the Bulldog
Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago
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