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Saving pups from ‘Dead Dog Beach’!


sato project -- airport pickupEvery dog is removed from Puerto Rico after his or her rehabilitation. Most of them are flown in cargo on commercial flights to New York. But some have gone to other locations, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and Vancouver. One even flew by private jet to Bermuda, Beckles says.

During our visit, 23 dogs are flown to New York. The transport operation is done with military precision: Beckles, Aguirre-Hernandez and a group of volunteers start prepping the dogs before dawn. They are tagged and crated and driven to the airport as the sun rises over San Juan. Once at cargo, the volunteers say their good-byes.

Read more about this at :  HERE

Learn about the Sato Project HERE


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Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago
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