Californians Will Make A Big Decision On Rent Control In November

California voters will decide in November whether to give cities and counties new freedom to expand the use of rent control after an initiative backed by tenant groups earned a spot Friday on this fall’s ballot.

The initiative would repeal a decades-old state law that prevents local governments from passing most new rent control laws.

Supporters, who collected at least 407,769 signatures to put the measure before voters on Nov. 6, said its success was a reflection of a widespread affordable housing problem.

“It recognizes that millions of California residents are struggling to afford their homes and can’t wait any longer for relief,” said Damien Goodmon, the campaign’s director for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the proponent of the initiative.

Supporters have also pointed out the Legislature still has an opportunity to act on its own to expand rent control and have the measure withdrawn from the November ballot. But lawmakers have not been able to find an alternative that satisfies both sides in the debate.

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Posted: 2 months, 25 days ago
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