Application to Open Invite-Only Artist Showroom in West Adams Denied – Did LA Make the Right Decision?

Twin brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas, otherwise known as The Haas Brothers, applied to expand their current West Adams studio into an invite-only showroom and manufacturing space for their collection of high-end sculptures and furniture.

Curbed Los Angeles reports that the city has denied their application for a zoning variance, noting that the changes are not compatible with nearby retail uses and that even small-scale manufacturing could lead to detrimental noise and air pollution. The Haas Brothers have appealed that decision on the basis that their planned space would “help improve the status of the area by introducing a very high-end, world renown art facility” and bring ‚Äúvital economic benefits and prestige to an area that is working valiantly to bring back the historic economic prosperity of the area.”

The South LA Area Planning Commission is scheduled to hear the appeal on December 5. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue – leave a comment below or email

By: Louie the Bulldog
Posted: 2 months, 17 days ago
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