Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Venice Battle Over Historic Intersection

Yo Venice — Jerry Bruckheimer in Hollywood is known for producing films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Top Gun and series like CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and The Amazing Race. In Venice, he is known for owning the property on the northwest corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Boulevard.

In 2015, shortly after Bruckheimer purchased the property, changes were made that pushed the private parking lot onto public property. In addition, an enclosure was built which interfered with City planted trees. When Bruckheimer’s business partner, Martin Meeks of Venice Investors LLC, requested a new certificate of occupancy, the City asked that the changes made to the property be reversed.

Instead, a lawsuit was filed against the City, claiming that the City does not own the 5,000 square foot easement on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice. The land in question, it is argued, is being used by the City in a different way than was originally intended and that the deed and maps that the City is basing their claim off of are unreadable and vague. Therefore, Meeks is requesting the City grant a “reversion to acreage,” giving the land back to him and Bruckheimer.

If the case goes before a judge, the City believes they would win. However, because there is a chance of losing everything in court, the source told Yo! Venice that a settlement is being pursued. This settlement, which would be voted on by City Council, would give the land back to Bruckheimer while leaving a small amount public for a Bike Share hub. Also, the palm trees would have to remain.

With 42 other similar easements throughout Venice, there is some concern that a City settlement would lead to a domino effect as other property owners trying to reclaim land from the City. The City winning in court would settle the matter once and for all. There is also concern that the proposed settlement would hurt the Venice community, since the City would not receive any money for the land.

“The City gets nothing in return. The piece of property is probably worth $5 million. The City doesn’t get that $5 million,” Murez said. “The City nor the community get any benefit out of Bruckheimer taking over this land.”

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By: Louie the Bulldog
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago
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