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‘But my Zestimate is Higher Than That!’ – 5 Ways We Respond, 5 Questions We Ask | Inman

1. Are you familiar with how Zillow works? Zillow takes all of the deed recordings in a geography and averages them. Foreclosures, auctions, and quitclaims are also removed. As a result your “sanitized” Zestimate represents a wider value range. 2. Have you “claimed” your house on Zillow? If not… If not, Zillow’s data tends to… READ MORE

By: Otis the Bulldog
Posted: 12 days ago

New Adidas Store Claims They’re ‘Defining Venice’, Locals are Outraged!

If you’ve seen the new Adidas store taking over the old Hal’s restaurant on Abbot Kinney, chances are you’ve also seen their slogan spread across the double doors — opening June 22nd: “DEFINING VENICE” The poor choice of words comes from Venice residents protesting the “infestation” of Snapchat and their employees, driving out small businesses…. READ MORE

By: Otis the Bulldog
Posted: 17 days ago