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“There Goes The Neighborhood”

 Via KCRW – Los Angeles is having an identity crisis. City officials tout new development and shiny commuter trains, while longtime residents are doing all they can to hang on to home. Listen to this eight part series here: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=1089555645… READ MORE

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22 Dudley Avenue in Venice


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Dans Le Noir Silent Disco!

Check out the Otra Vista Social Club Street Party brought to life by Dans Le Noir!… READ MORE

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West Adams Historical Society’s Annual Living History Tour

West Adam’s Historical Society’s annual Living History Tour, “The Artist’s Way: Poets and Painters, Singers, Songwriters and Artists,” bows on Saturday, September 23 — BUT Early Bird ticket pricing goes away this Friday.  They made music…and art, poetry, photography and dance. And now their stories will come alive with the landmark Angelus Rosedale Cemetery as the stage, as actors –– in… READ MORE

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It’s Not Your Imagination: New Yorkers Are Invading LA!

Via LA WEEKLY: Experts lately have blamed a booming economy, relatively low gas prices and low unemployment for L.A.’s more-insane-than-usual traffic. But some of those license plates you see on the 405 display the Statue of Liberty, so you know a specific invasion is afoot. A new report from professional networking site LinkedIn confirms your… READ MORE

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717 California Featured as Home Of The Week in LA Times

Via LA TIMES- The spirit and offbeat creativeness of Venice Beach is alive and well at this cozy bungalow, which sits among mixed-media installations and gardens designed by its owner, landscape architect Jay Griffith. Used for decades by Griffith as his garden laboratory, the whimsical setting offers an exercise in marrying art and horticulture. A… READ MORE

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Honolulu Outlaws Texting and Walking

Via Forbes –  Hawaii has it right on so many levels. Yesterday, the city of Honolulu passed a law that will hopefully deter pedestrians from looking at smartphones and other electronic devices while crossing the street. Honolulu is now the first major U.S. city to ban texting or viewing a portable device while in a crosswalk. It’s… READ MORE

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717 California Avenue Featured on Curbed LA!

Via Curbed LA – This unique Venice residence has served for many years as the studio of landscape artist Jay Griffith, and, as such, has functioned as a “horticultural laboratory for decades,” according to the listing. The two-bedroom home was built in 1954 and is currently equipped more as an office space than a traditional residence. Still,… READ MORE

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Robert Thibodeau Architectural Tour

Check out this beautiful video tour of 663 Brooks Avenue in Venice!… READ MORE

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Venice From Above!

Via Curbed LA – It seems fair to say that word has gotten around that Los Angeles looks great from above. Just in the past few years, we’ve seen superb aerial drone footage of everything from rooftop neon signs to eerily deserted tourist attractions to the bright lights of Downtown LA. Now, videographer Robert McIntosh highlights the singular urban geography… READ MORE

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Zillow hears your ‘Zestimate’ complaints: it’s offering a $1 million prize for a better algorithm

Via MarketWatch – Zillow is offering a $1 million award to the “person or team who can most improve the Zestimate algorithm.” The announcement of the contest comes one week after Zillow was slapped with a class-action lawsuit over its proprietary home-price tool. The algorithm in question is meant to serve as a starting point in helping… READ MORE

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What Salary Do You Need to Afford a Home in LA? Nearly $100,000, As It Turns Out

Via Curbed LA—A typical median-priced home in Los Angeles County out of reach for the vast majority of residents, according to a new analysis from the California Association of Realtors. According to the data, just 29 percent of potential homebuyers can afford a property at county’s median price of $485,800. At that price point, a nearly six-figure… READ MORE

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How Venice Became the Most Expensive Neighborhood in Los Angeles | LA Weekly

Via LA Weekly—Abbot Kinney is only a 10-minute walk from Venice Beach, but it somehow feels much farther. The ocean breeze doesn’t reach that far. You can’t hear the waves. Instead of the smell of the Pacific Ocean, inscrutable scents spill out of tiny, high-end boutiques. Over the course of just a couple of years, Venice… READ MORE

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