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Jacques Aureille


Get to Know Me

“I like making sure my clients get what they want.”

                                             - Jacques Aureille

Bulldog Realtors & Estates welcomes The Jacques Aureille Real Estate Group – specializing in beach &  luxury properties.

With support from a diverse clientele of California professionals, Jacques and the JARE group rank among the top 3 per cent of Los Angeles realtors in the city’s highly competitive westside and beach community.

“I’m a Californian at heart but spent my formative years in Washington D.C. My father was employed by the French consulate. I was exposed at an early age to the arts of diplomacy and negotiation – very useful, believe me, in the world of highend real estate.”

“Real estate “Jacques continues “is most basically about negotiation, disclosure, and relationships.”

Need a review appraisal, geotech or zoning consultant?

 “if we don’t know it,” Jacque smiles, “The JARE Group will bring the appropriate and exceptional consultant to your project.”


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Several of our agents are multilingual, experienced in global transactions. Others specialize in single family beach homes. Our newest agent finds homes for humans – and for rescue dogs.

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