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Alishia Brown

As a realtor and community liaison with Bulldog Realtors, I am committed to helping improve people’s future “financial quality of life” through education and home ownership. I have partnered with great resources that are dedicated to financial education and economic empowerment, helping millions of families realize their dreams.

I am extremely family oriented. I have two beautiful young daughters and spending time with them is my most important priority. My husband and I have managed to incorporate lots of fun into our careers and make time for our families.

As a native of Los Angeles and Real Estate professional, I enjoy seeing people realize their dreams of home ownership and financial growth. The strongest way I encourage my community to live their “best life” is by communicating the understanding that the greatest way to build wealth and a legacy is through ownership of real estate. As I network throughout the city, the opportunity to exchange knowledge and educate is key to success. Taking clients from imagination to reality is paramount.


Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago
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